Strong and perfect Features

We have spared nothing in our quest to deliver an experience that is unparalleled and sure to become your new guilty pleasure in self care indulgence…

Our Mobile Shop is built on the legendary reputation of the Mercedes Benz Brand name. Our shop comes to you in ‘the best or nothing’… its with such excellence as this, that we strive to elevate your grooming. This all weather 4by4 automobile is able to reach you in the place and time of your convenience. When your regular shop is closed due to inclement weather, turn to us to rescue you from
the constraints of your regular…

Need an escape during you lunch break? Come lounge in our massage chair! Lets put comfort into your stressful routine. Our zero gravity massage chair reclines and positions you in full view of our multi media sky roof… you can watch images of serene pleasures while you fade away from the hyper activity of your day… the surround sound will whisper to your senses and help carry you away into bliss

Want to enjoy your news network or keep up with the stock market charts? We have 3 screens in the van that are customized to your profile once you become a club member. Program your preferred music, favorite shows and have the experience custom made to your expectations each time when you create a profile in our members hub.

Become a club member and enjoy even greater perks like discounted service charge, 10 percent off retail products, friends discounts and priority booking

Enjoy exotic beverages from our fridge, Fully stocked with the finest assortment of drinks sure to conjure expressions of tropical paradise, or a brew of coffee to power you though the rest of your day.

A clean cut and a clean scalp is definitely within your purview. At your request, your can get a shampoo wash, a hot towel finish, face steaming, beard treatment and more added to your service. Other customizable services can be provided for that special occasion like weddings or birthday parties to capture the splendor of the moment.
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